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Cities around the world want to improve economic growth and social vitality to strengthen infrastructure delivery, corporate governance, and private-sector development in an effort to support urban development and planning. As city leader’s focus on data based decision making, one area of mutual interest for Microsoft and the cities is to create vibrant, prosperous cities and help cities measure progress.

The City Dashboard Solution Accelerator allows city governments to measure the progress of their city against a set of urban indicators (also referred to as KPIs, or key performance indicators). Cities can use the dashboard to continually monitor publicly or privately to improve their urban management strategies as new data becomes available on premise or on cloud. It can also help cities track progress and enable city management staff and report on urban trends and analyses. And while the information in the dashboard is secure and private, cities can choose to share their performance data with other cities. Comparing performance on standardized KPIs can be an effective way to promote best practices across cities.

Organizations like the African Development Bank and others are in the process of deploying the dashboard accelerator, please see blog here for additional details.

The City Dashboard Solution Accelerator is built on the fully integrated ASP.NET and Windows Azure platforms. Key features include:
  • A solution accelerator for various communities set against key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • A production ready launch of data sets that can support multiple languages for various cities.
  • Web based mapping component for users.
  • Web dashboard to compare and contrast various KPIs

The application can be viewed here.


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