This document is to show how to deploy MS Cities Dashboard to a fresh Windows Azure account.


  1. Establish new Windows Azure account using Windows Azure portal.

SQL Azure

  1. Add new SQL Azure Database – using New -> SQL Database -> Quick Create adddb.png
  2. Enter SQL database name.
  3. Change all configuration values in the project (marked as TODO's)
  4. Use Database project to deploy the project to the database.

Azure storage

  1. Add new SQL storage - using New -> Storage -> Quick Create createstorage.png
  2. Go to storage and select Containers.
  3. Select Add Container; name it mscitiessession.
  4. Select Add Container; name it mscities.

Cloud Service

  1. Add new Cloud Service – using New -> Compute -> Cloud Service -> Quick Create createservice.png
  2. Enter URL.
  3. Choose the region or affinity group.
  4. Click Create Could Serivce.

Code deployment

  1. Change ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg configuration file in solution (under MSCities project).
    1. Azure Storage:
      1. Find values in Windows Azure Portal, under Storage -> Manage Keys managekeys.png
      2. Change a value under key AzureStorageAccountName.
      3. Change a value under key AzureStorageAccountKey.
      4. Change a value under key Log4Net.ConnectionString.
    2. Change a value under key BingMapsKey.
    3. Change a connection string under CitiesConnectionString to be a valid connection string to a database created earlier.
    4. Change all configuration settings (they are marked as TODO's).
  2. Open the solution in Visual Studio.
  3. Right click on MSCities project and select Publish.
  4. Select Import importkeys.png Choose a proper publishSettings file. If you don’t have a file, click on ‘Sign in to download credentials’ link.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose all the settings for the deployment.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Review the settings and click Publish.
  9. After publishing the configuration values can be changed from within the Azure Portal.
In order to do that select the Cloud Service and go to the Configure tab: settings.png

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